Meet Any Panel Identification Requirements

Posted 19/11/2019 : By: Site Admin

With professional labels and label printers, you can easily and quickly meet any customer identification requirements and provide immediate insight in the most complex panels.


Extreme reliability

Reliable, industrial grade labels are available to meet any customer requirements for panel identification. In-house R&D teams design the labels to remain legible and stay attached when exposed to a combination of elements including UV, humidity, moisture, gas and others. Included in the offer are labels that comply with marine, aviation and defense requirements. Technical data sheets are available to provide insight in label test results.

Immediate insight

More than 5000 aesthetically pleasing labels enable panel builders to provide immediate insight in the most complex panels. With crisp print, extensive colour and size variation, with or without raised profile, Brady labels can identify any safety risk, cable or component in electrical panels. Example components include controllers, I/O modules, power supplies, circuit breakers, terminal and distribution blocks, relay modules, starters, heavy-duty connectors and more.

Fast and easy

Electrical panel labels can be printed quickly at your location with a wide range of label printers from Brady. All you need is a few label rolls and a suitable label printer to have a vast variety of panel labels at your command. Most labels are available both on benchtop and portable print systems for additional flexibility. Brady Workstation apps enable you to easily design, serialise and print the labels you need.