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Efficient and flexible panel labelling with DuraSleeve

The Rigid Durasleeve carrier and inserts is an efficient and flexible solution to identify cables in electrical panels. DuraSleeve's carrier can be applied just like a cable sleeve by sliding it over a cable before termination. Its insert can easily be printed with a professional label printer, and is practical to replace and reflect updates in the field.

Carrier & insert

DuraSleeve insert & carrier

The Rigid DuraSleeve solution includes a rigid, transparent carrier and the B-7697 PET insert, available in white and yellow. Both insert and carrier are available in 6 sizes and can fit a variety of cables. The carrier is designed to protect the insert which can be printed in the field with portable printers such as the BMP61and the BMP71 label printer, and on-site with benchtop systems including the BBP12, BBP33 and the Brady printer i7100 industrial label printer

Quickly remove & replace

DuraSleeve inserts can be updated quickly by sliding in a new insert that will push out the obsolete insert. This flexibility makes DuraSleeve highly efficient to identify electrical panels that are frequently updated and repurposed. With DuraSleeve there is no need to invest time to remove labels or sleeves that are no longer valid. On top of this, maintenance professionals can slide the DuraSleeve carrier along the cable it was applied to, which can offer better visibility and manoeuvrability when servicing or updating electrical panels.

Identify small volumes without waste

Most rigid identification printing solutions force a minimum volume on users, which creates waste when only a few cables must be identified or when identification needs to be updated. DuraSleeve's replaceable and printable inserts counter waste as printable batches range from a single insert up to hundreds.