Durable Label Materials for a Marine Environment

Posted 19/11/2019 : By: Site Admin

We can now offer the Brady range of BS5609 certified, high quality label materials to identify chemicals and other goods in marine environments. The marine label materials offer a high salt water durability, great UV-resistance and an excellent adhesive and are a great addition to Brady's wide range of durable label materials for harsh environments.

BS5609 Compliant Labels

Durable marine identification

BS5609 certified label materials are rigorously tested, including a 3 month exposure to salt water at mid-tide, to ensure performance in marine environments. The standard also offers criteria for adhesive performance, print permanence and abrasion resistance. Where many labels fade, become unreadable or even fall off because of salt water and sunlight, Brady's marine labels remain legible and stay attached.

Marine environments

Brady's label materials B-595, B-7569 and B-7541P have all received the BS5609 certificate. They are ideal to identify IMDG goods and dangerous chemicals with the required CLP-labels, and can also be used to create durable safety and evacuation signs and pipe markers. Brady's BS 5609 certified label materials can be a great identification tool for any company operating in marine environments, including companies in:

Capacity of the packageDimensions of labels (in millimetres)*
Not exceeding 3 litres:If possible, at least 52 x 74
Greater than 3 litres, but not exceeding 50 litres:At least 74 x 105
Greater than 50 litres but not exceeding 500 litres:At least 105 x 148
Greater than 500 litres:At least 148 x 210

* REGULATION (EC) No 1272/2008

  • oil & gas
  • off-shore power
  • shipping
  • logistics
  • dredging

Printable at your location

The BS5609 certified label materials B-595, B-2585 and B-7569 can be printed at your location using a quality sign & label printer from Brady, such as the BBP35, BBP37, BradyJet J2000 or BradyJet J5000. Labels with black & red print on white backgrounds, like CLP-labels, can easily be created with these printers and Brady's CLP-app in port, at sea or off-shore to address ad hoc identification needs. Other applications, such as full colour safety signs and pipe markers, can also be printed on-site or at the Brady factory.