Compliant Labels for Chemicals

Posted 04/04/2019 : By: Site Admin

Quickly and easily create compliant labels for chemicals


Easily identify chemicals by quickly printing reliable and fully compliant GHS/CLP labels whenever they are needed.

Quickly print GHS/CLP-labels

The BradyJet J2000 takes printing reliable GHS/CLP labels at your location to a new level. The printer's advanced full colour inkjet technology can quickly turn a wide range of blank label materials and label sizes into compliant GHS/CLP labels to identify chemicals. With its automatic label setup technology, the BradyJet J2000 can start printing on a new label size within seconds, saving customers time, stress and hassle.

Easy compliance

When combined with our GHS app, the BradyJet J2000 becomes an even more powerful tool to properly identify any chemical. The Brady Workstation GHS label app enables you to select chemicals by name or CAS-number. The app then automatically populates all required fields to design a compliant GHS/CLP label.

Required fields include:

  • product name
  • signal word
  • GHS-pictograms
  • hazard statements
  • precautionary statements

Hitting 'print' can send the design to the BradyJet J2000 in order to create a compliant, self-adhesive CLP-label that is ready to be applied.

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Extremely reliable

For optimal reliability, GHS/CLP labels are best printed with the BradyJet J2000 on the Brady label materials B-7425J polypropylene and B-2595 vinyl. Both labels will remain legible and stay attached when exposed to a range of chemicals. This will make your chemical identification much more reliable, as opposed to labels that fall off or fade after contact with chemicals. We offer a full technical data sheet with test results on both our materials.