Clear Cryo Label Enables Visual Sample Checks

Posted 22/10/2019 : By: Site Admin

Keep cryogenic vials, tubes and storage boxes identified through multiple freezing cycles for optimal laboratory sample traceability with the B-7600 clear cryo label. The label allows visual sample contents checks and resists temperatures ranging from -191°C to 121°c.

See sample contents

The B-7600 clear cryo label supports optimal laboratory sample traceability by keeping cryogenic vials, tubes and storage boxes identified. It is fully transparent to enable you to visually check the contents of your sample. The label is part of Brady's range of reliable laboratory sample labels designed to prevent sample loss.

Keep samples identified in cryo storage

The clear cryo label is designed to keep samples identified in crygenic storage. The label:

  • does not crack, peel or degrade in liquid nitrogen (-196°C), freezers (-80°C), autoclaves (121°C) or water baths (100°C)
  • survives multiple freezing cycles
  • adheres well to both curved and flat surfaces
  • must be applied at room temperature on a dry surface

Print the label in the lab

The clear cryo label can be printed in your laboratory on demand. It is compatible with Brady benchtop printers BBP12, BradyPrinter i3300, i5100 and i7100 and portable Brady printers* BMP61, BMP71 and M611. 1 & 2D codes can be printed on the label and read by scanners. Brady Workstation Lab Suite label design apps will recognise the material when installed in your Brady printer. The label should be printed with the R6000HF ribbon for optimal results.