BradyJet J5000 Colour Label Printer

Posted 06/01/2020 : By: Site Admin

The BradyJet J5000 Colour Label Printer quickly prints durable indoor safety and lean signs in full colour at your location. These will help you to offer important safety and lean information right where employees need to see it. With the BradyJet J5000 Colour Label Printer, any company can quickly add or renew full colour signs.


Repositionable labels for BradyJet J2000 and J5000

2 repositionable label materials are available for the BradyJet J2000 Colour Label Printer and the BradyJet J5000 Colour Label Printer. Both materials can be printed in full colour at your premises when you need them.

  • B-2509 magnetic labels: adhere to metallic surfaces including most industrial shelves and drawers. Ideal to increase picking efficiency in warehouses.
  • B-2581 repositionable labels: designed for frequent repositioning. Ideal for 5S and Lean labels, for inventory marking and to identify reusable containers.

Features & Benefits

Full colour signs and labels

The BradyJet J5000 Colour Label Printer prints full colour safety and lean signs, logos and images all in photo-quality. Full colour high resolution messages succeed best in attracting people’s attention which is incredibly important to warn co-workers for potential dangers with safety signs and pipe markers, or for lean labels that help co-workers make efficient decisions on the work floor.

Durable signs

The BradyJet uses inkjet technology to print on Brady’s durable vinyl and polyester sign and label materials. Available in sizes ranging from 5.08 to 20.32 cm, these selfadhesive materials enable fast printing and easy application of durable indoor safety signs, lean labels and pipe markers.

Save time

The BradyJet can print durable, full colour signs and labels in one pass at a top speed of 15 cm per second. A self adhesive 20.32 cm vinyl or polyester safety sign can almost be printed instantly. Designing these signs and labels can be done in a few steps with a computer and an app from the Brady Workstation platform. Combined with Brady Workstation apps, the BradyJet becomes a great peripheral tool for any company that needs to quickly add or renew indoor safety signs, lean labels or pipe markers in full colour and high resolution.



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Safety & Facility Identification

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