Complete Floor Marking

Posted 19/11/2019 : By: Site Admin

We offer a complete range of reliable marking solutions for floors with light, medium and heavy traffic to increase workplace safety for pedestrians, while increasing vehicle efficiency.

Safer pedestrians, efficient vehicles

Clearly marked floors are a practical solution to keep pedestrian and vehicle traffic separated in warehouses or logistical areas. Just like traffic lanes on public roads, they help to increase safety and efficiency for all users. Co-workers on foot can immediately see where they can walk safely, while vehicle efficiency can be increased within their dedicated traffic zones.

Increase compliance

Floor marking supports compliance with the EU Directive 92/58/EEC, which mentions that employers shall provide safety and or health signs where needed. Annex V of the Directive, on the minimum requirements governing signs used for obstacles and dangerous locations, and for marking of traffic routes, further includes that traffic routes for vehicles must be clearly identified by continous stripes in a clearly visible colour if required for the protection of workers.

Easily draw straight lines of floor tape

Easily draw straight lines of reliable floor tapes with the ToughStripe Floor Tape Applicator to increase safety and efficiency in your facilities. With just one tool, you can create heavy traffic forklift lanes, traffic lanes for pallet trucks and safe walking areas for coworkers on foot in your facilities. The ToughStripe Floor Tape Applicator works with Brady's complete good, better, best floor marking tape offer.

  • applies thin and temporary up to thick, heavy duty floor tapes
  • ergonomic and lightweight for comfortable use
  • winds spent floor tape liner on an extra core
  • easy to store in tight spaces

A solution for all traffic levels

SolutionKey FeaturesApplications
GoodAisle Marking Tape
B-726 Vinyl
More cost-effective solution for short application periodTemporary marking for 5S/LEAN areas, work cells that change and more58200
BetterToughStripe - Floor Marking Tape
B-514 Polyester
Longer application period with more shape and customizability optionsVisual workplaces in 5S/LEAN, walkways, aisle and medium traffic level areas104319
BestToughStripe Max - Floor Marking Tape
B-543 Vinyl
Highest durabilityHigher forklift and industrial vehicle traffic149637
OtherPaintstripe - Floor Marking Stencils
B-518/B-519 for different surface types
Paint stencil for longer, more permanent markingPermanent work area designation148807