50+ new ISO signs for the workplace

Posted 17/10/2019 : By: Site Admin

50+ ISO 7010 safety signs are now available with a primary focus on water safety. We offer all internationally compliant ISO 7010 safety signs on high performance materials for optimal durability and compliance in a range of industrial contexts.

51 new ISO 7010 signs
Brady offers all new ISO 7010 signs. Frequently used signs now available in the internationally agreed ISO 7010 norm include:

No running (P048)
No outdoor footwear (P060)
No jumping into water (P061)
No pushing into water (P062)
Wear personal flotation devices (M053)
Warning deep water (W047)
Warning shallow water (W048)
Warning unprotected edges (W051)
Warning unstable cliff (W053)
Warning sewage effluent outfall (W055)
Water life-saving equipment (E061)
Tsunami evacuation area (E062)
Tsunami evacuation building (E063)
Available on reliable materials
We offer all ISO 7010 Safety Signs on high performance materials to optimise their reliability in challenging industrial contexts, including indoor high heat, chemical and washdown facilities and outdoor and off-shore environments. Available high performance materials include laminated polyester, polypropylene, aluminium and photoluminescent 'glow-in-the-dark' materials.

Increase water safety
Within a few days, ISO 7010 signs could already be preventing accidents around water near your workplace. Apply them in a visible place for maximum effect. All ISO 7010 safety signs can be ordered pre-printed on a wide range of durable sign materials. If you have a Brady safety printer, you can even print any ISO-sign today. All you need to do is download the 'Custom Designer' app from Brady Workstation to send them to your printer.